Wow! What a session! We’re so thankful to this amazing couple who let us be a part of their road trip and trusted us to tell a fragment of their story.

Hannah y Simon… These two incredible and cheerful human beings traveling around Europe in their van appeared in our life out of the blue and proved that the most spontaneous encounters come along with genuine and remarkable experience. 

Old-but-trustworthy-and-rarely exceeding-80km/h van owners, risk-takers, inborn explorers and, as a nice addition, devoted GoT fans, Simon&Hannah are absolutely amazing together and eagerly share insatiable curiosity and so much love for life, people, new experiences and each other.

Photo session with them was a pure celebration of vitality and emotions. We seemed to leave a real world behind and fell into a daydream.

It happens sometimes: you hide behind your camera and become a silent observer, you don’t want to break a fragile but special atmosphere that is taking shape&form right in front of you eyes and you let it grow into something truly intense and emotionally deep.






P.S. We wish to express our gratitude to a constant witness of Simon&Hanna’s adventures – their van. Without it, this session would not be possible.

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