We followed Gizem and Connor as they were revisiting places, so dear to them as a couple, and we couldn’t help but noticing that Love was truly all around them. Who would blame us for not wanting to miss a second of it?!

While it is cold and drizzling outside, we don’t even notice it. We are two invitees into the warm, cozy and soulful world of G&C. They share their love story without actually telling it. Love can be seen reflected in every gesture and touch, in the way he looks at her or carefully fixes her curl.

Love keeps being there, in her sparkling eyes, when they reminisce about that freezing February day in Parco Suardi and when they make plans for the future.





“Every time I go back home, coming closer to the entrance door I can’t help but looking up to see if the light in our apartment is on. If it is, my heart starts pumping faster, cause I know that he is there already and that he is waiting for me”.


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